2 sad 2 fall asleep

Feelin myself

Feelin myself

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*goes through the My Mad Fat Diary tag and gets emotional*

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what is it like to feel appreciated


i’m really struggling trying to answer this. i think what’s most important is that you appreciate and love yourself first and foremost. or at least try your best to do so. it can be really disheartening and tough worrying about other people and whether or not they appreciate or care for you. so try using that time and thought all on yourself. take care of yourself and really focus on you.

(i’m sorry, i know this probably wasn’t the answer you were looking for. but i’m trying to figure it all out too. so i’m here for you and i hope this was semi helpful and i hope you’re okay).

Sudden burst of motivation to work on art and also reorganize my room.



Minolta XG-1. 

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Women Artists Visibility Event: The Museum of Modern Art opens but not to women artists, NYC on June 14, 1984
Shot by Clarissa Sligh

Despite the increased visibility of women artists by 1984, most were not included in mainstream gallery or museum exhibitions. When the Museum Of Modern Art opened the exhibition the “International Survey of Painting and Sculpture,” with great fan fare, of the 169 artists chosen, all were white and less than 10 percent were women.

Women artists were incensed. The Women’s Caucus for Art and other women’s groups in the area organized to protest the underrepresentation of women artists.

Included in the photographs are Lucy Lippard, May Stevens, Linda Cunningham, Emma Amos, Sabra Moore, Sharon Jaddis, and Alida Walsh. The posters were pasted all over Soho, a vastly different place from the Soho of today.

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