Manchester Orchestra while playing Colly Strings

Manchester Orchestra while playing Colly Strings

My body is in desperate need of being cared for.

I LOVE having long hair. Like, it makes going to shows that I’m really passionate about WAY better and WAY more fun and WAY more intense.

We want the old Emo’s back

We want the old Emo’s back

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Chris showed me Marble Hornets this past weekend and we watched the first like 50 something episodes in one night and then 10 more the next night and then I watched the rest (like 20 more) the next night so I’m all caught up within the span of a weekend and damn, that freakin series is so good. I’m hooked & I need more


Body comparative #1 (1,2)

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gazing adoringly at this pic of seb stan like he’s actually making me breakfast

Omg your face is my favorite face, it’s v cute


Killed it today

I showed all of my real life school friends this photoset of me today because I really wanted to show everyone how great I felt/looked yesterday

the day i realized that i didn’t have to get married and i didn’t have to have children was a great day. it felt like the world had suddenly lifted off my shoulders because i would stress myself to death and cry just thinking about having kids and being married to someone. i thought that’s what i HAD to do when i grew up. and it was incredible when i realized that wasn’t the case at all.